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Electrum has been securing payments since 2011 and is one of the most popular Bitcoin wallets. ElectrumPro is free software, released using the MIT license. Anyone can run an Electrum server. No single entity controls the network.

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Implemented across many platforms, ElectrumPro's advantages can be experienced on mobile, desktop or via the command line.

Hardware Wallets

For additional peace of mind, ElectrumPro supports these hardware wallets:

Keepkey Trezor Ledger

Two factor authentication

Avoid malware and prevent identity theft ElectrumPro delivers best-in-class two-factor authentication.

Two factor authentication

Don't trust. Verify

ElectrumPro uses ‘Simple Payment Verification’ so you can be sure your transactions are in the Bitcoin blockchain. Freedom and independence for all!

Don't Trust, Verify

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